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What is your philosophy in working with other professionals?

Our firm believes in a team approach to help assist you reach your estate planning goals. This means working in conjunction with your accountant, financial advisor, financial professional, and private banker.  If you do not have relationships with individuals in these fields, we will assist you with a referral accordingly.


What is your fee structure?<

Our firm utilizes a flat fee structure for Estate Planning. A flat fee will be quoted at your initial appointment and a fee agreement will be signed. There is no additional hourly charge, no invoices for e-mails and phone calls. The amount of the fee is dependent upon various factors, including but not limited to the number of parties involved and the level of complication.


What happens to our original documents?

The choice belongs to each client individually, however, at no additional cost to you we will offer to hold your original estate planning documents in our onsite fireproof cabinet.


What do I need to bring for my initial appointment?

For your initial appointment we typically request that client bring a completed copy of our Estate Planning Questionnaire; copies of any and all prior Estate Planning Documents; any investment account statements or pertinent insurance statements.


How long will it take for my Estate Plan to be completed?

Depending on a variety of factors, a typical Estate Plan is completed and fully executed within four to six weeks.


hen is the invoice expected to be paid?

We collect a deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the flat fee quoted at our initial meeting, with the balance of the invoice, plus any administrative costs and out of pocket costs (transfer taxes, recording fees, etc.) to be paid when the documents are finalized and executed.